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Media Sources

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Media Sources


Reach your audiences across all digital channels and environments. Direct Agents can find your customers no matterwhere they are online, and engage them at just the right moment.

The Parameters We Evaluate

Programmatic Display

Massive reach and selection means that we can choose the best time and environment to show your ad.


Programmatic Video

Present your offer or brand to potential customers when they are most engaged and attentive. Contextually relevant pre-roll videos, timed to have maximum impact.


Target your audiences regardless of the device they are using. Deliver your message to customers that are on-the-go, and retarget desktop audiences across Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media

Access highly reliable targeting data and custom audiences across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and othersocial platforms.

Search Retargeting

Reach potential customers as they are searching for relevant products or services. We access search data from thousands of sites, in order to identify high levels of purchase intent.


Increase your digital campaign results.

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