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Intelligent Prospecting

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Intelligent Prospecting


Intent based targeting to identify and reach potential customers when they are actively considering relevant products or services. Our prospecting methodology aims to detect and leverage consumer intent signals in order to engage audiences at specific times of their decision making journey. That means that we find the optimal moments to interact with each prospective customer.

Some of Our Targeting Capabilities

Keyword Contextual

Identify and optimize relevant websites through custom keyword lists



Find users that exhibit similar behavioral patterns to your high-value customers


Reach your target audiences based on demographic characteristics


Search Retargeting

Combine the effectiveness of search, with the reach and impact of display

Purchase History

Target past buyers of similar or competing products


Statistical Twin

Build holistic look-alike model with historical first-party data and on site behavior

Mobile Devices

Target by OS and version, carrier, device type, app categories, and inventory type


Increase your digital campaign results.

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