Influencer Marketing

Full-Service Influencer Marketing Solution

Our influencer campaigns work to

Grow brand awareness in a crowded marketplace

Drive sales with diversified content

Build meaningful & authentic relationships with consumers

Foster a community of like minded consumers

The Direct Agents Advantage

Integrated Strategic Approach

Our influencer strategy spans across our agency teams, from audience research and personas to creative development and media activation

Hand-Picked Influencer Partnerships

We handpick and analyze each influencer, so you only work with vetted creators who align with your target audience

Performance-Driven Campaigns

We perform in-depth analysis and reporting on each influencer engagement, so you can prove the value of these campaigns and establish long-term partnerships with your top-performing creators

Full-Scale Management

We handle the full process, from initial influencer sourcing to final negotiation and reporting. Along the way, we’ll collaborate with your team to ensure your team is fully aligned


Brand Deep-Dive

We review your brand story, marketing goals, target audience, and growth opportunities. We deep dive into your brand, so we’re part of your team.

Influencer Matchmaking

We get to work, sourcing influencers and analyzing these creators’ social performance. Once we have a refined list of influencers, we work with your team, carefully selecting the best creators for the job.

Influencer Negotiation

We manage all influencer communications, from negotiating rates to final content approval.


We have an open line of communication to ensure our creatives are echoing your brand voice.

Content Creation

We create a campaign brief, so the story is presented in a way that feels authentic to your brand and to each creators’ individual voice. We manage the back and forth between the initial brief and final content, so you’re only part of the final approval.

Optimizations & Amplification

We analyze and report on your campaign performance. Once we see which posts are standing out amongst the rest, we work on long-term partnerships with these selected creators. Our creative team can also edit and repurpose this influencer content, and our media team will ensure these top-performing creative assets run on the most efficient media channels.

Our Omnichannel Solution

Creative & Content Marketing

Integrate influencer campaign video and statics with existing brand assets for refreshed creatives that are native to each platform and placement


Launch creative assets utilizing influencer assets for brands ads that leverage authenticity and relatability

Ecommerce Marketplaces

Amplify brand awareness and grow product sales on your Amazon storefront and ecommerce marketplaces 

Strategy & Brand Positioning

Reach your target audience with messaging that aligns with their unique interests through audience discovery, customer journey optimization, and strategic roadmaps 

Paid Search

Reach broader audiences and nuture new relationships through retargeting campaigns


Leverage keywords and landing page optimizations into influencer campaigns through carefully selected messaging and content

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