2022 Holiday Playbook

This holiday season, over 40% of consumers are moving toward hybrid shopping and looking to start their shopping even earlier than in years past.

With this major shift in consumer behavior, the key to your brand’s success this holiday season is early preparedness. Discover how to tackle this holiday season in our 2022 Holiday Playbook.

Download the Holiday 2022 Playbook!

Shopping behavior has drastically changed in the last few years, we are here to prepare you early for another holiday season.

In this white paper, we will walk through factors affecting shopping this year, areas to improve your online & in-store experience, and adapting to this new world.


  1. Uncover factors affecting this season’s holiday shopping
  2. Discover how to improve your online & in-store experience
  3. Adapt your brand’s marketing strategy to succeed this holiday season.

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