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Direct Agents helped ePromos increase new customer acquisitions 97% year over year while decreasing cost per acquisition 35% year over year.


Founded in 1998, ePromos is one of the fastest growing promotional products distributors in the world, offering customers more than 15,000 custom promotional products. Previously managed by another large search agency using automated bid programs, their PPC account had been neglected from a lack of daily hands-on management by paid search experts. Looking to improve the tracking of their paid search campaigns and to dramatically grow new customers while decreasing acquisition costs, ePromos employed Direct Agents to manage their paid search program.


PPC Management

Google Analytics

Bid Management

Dynamic Remarketing

Google Product Listing Ads


Direct Agents immediately performed an exhaustive Adwords account audit that uncovered several areas of inefficiencies, wasted spend, as well as opportunities. Accurate tracking was also an issue as ePromos conversion data was stored in the previous agency’s management platform with limited data in Google Adwords and Bing.With a firm belief that data is power, Direct Agents implemented complete tracking for all of ePromos conversion events in ePromos’ own Google Analytics and Adwords accounts. Dynamic call tracking was also set up to be able to track all calls back to sources and campaigns for further optimization.Next, Direct Agents focused on campaign optimization:

  • Campaigns were restructured by product categories to maximize coverage, relevancy and quality score
  • Continuous active bid management was applied
  • Thousands of new keywords were tested with match types and negative keywords employed to deliver the most relevant results while minimizing inefficient spend
  • Promotional ad copy was constantly tested to maximize click through and conversion rates
  • Campaign budgets were shifted to devices, geographies and times of the day where response rate was highest and cost per acquisition (CPA) the lowest

With the campaign delivering new customers at the lowest cost in recent history, Direct Agents set out to further expand the campaign while maintaining the low cost per acquisition. Over the next few months Google Product Listing Ads and Adwords Dynamic Remarketing campaigns were developed, segmented and optimized, delivering an additional 30% in daily acquisitions at equivalent or lower CPA. New betas were employed including image and call extensions and dynamic retargeting was opened up to include all major ad exchanges, including dynamic remarketing across Facebook. Bing distribution was also completely opened up and optimized for products and keywords that yielded efficient results.


With constant bid management, new product and distribution testing, new customer acquisitions increased 97% year over year while cost per acquisition decreased 35% year over year. Direct Agents continues to test and explore efficient methods to grow the account, including exclusive and early access to the latest betas provided by Google as well as testing and implementation of new distribution channels, allowing ePromos to continue expanding at their unprecedented growth rate.

I have yet to meet a more professional firm in the Search Agency world. We switched from a well known agency and our cost per lead dropped to almost half and we thought we were doing well. These guys are smart organized and professional. I don’t think there is any way you won’t win big with Direct Agents. They offer lots of other win-win marketing services, but I would start with PPC. They will prove themselves very quickly.

Jason Robbins

CEO, ePromos.com

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