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Technical SEO Development and Content Production Services

Direct Agents’ progressive approach to SEO utilizes advanced data analysis techniques, business intelligence, competitor research, and AI technology to deliver custom-built SEO strategies and implementations that deliver quantifiable growth for brands of all sizes and levels of SEO maturity.

Performance Driving SEO


Technical SEO

Technical SEO experts work within your CMS platform to improve site health, indexation, user engagement, and brand visibility.

Content Production

Quality content is crafted to amplify your message to your ideal client and to drive increased keyword rankings within the SERP.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Amplify and drive incremental performance across all media channels by testing into and delivering fully optimized and engaging on-site user experiences.

Integrated Search

Our SEO experts think strategically and work holistically with brands to drive increased performance across all initiatives, including Organic & Paid Media, Site Design, and Analytics.

App Store Optimization

Proven methodology to improving app store visibility and discoverability across both Google Play and Apple App stores.

Backlink Audit & Optimization

Reputation Management

Our team of SEO experts work to craft on-site content to take control of what shows up in search results before a crisis occurs.

Website Migration

Systematic approach and management of full-site migrations and redesigns ensure no element is missed during this complex process and that ranking authority is maintained.

SEO Web Development

Our Integrated SEO Approach

Unlike most marketing agencies, our team of SEO experts are not siloed away from other departments. Rather, Direct Agents’ SEO experts understand the importance of resonating with your customers through an omnichannel approach that requires a holistic and business-focused mindset and strategy. 

For this reason, all of our SEO experts are trained and certified in Paid Search, Retail Media, and Data Analytics.

This interdepartmental collaboration and knowledge provides additional value to your business with consistent goals, improved Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) opportunities, decreases in paid media costs, and innovative technology development and implementation.

Best in Class SEO and Owned Media Agency

Product Feed Management & Marketplace Optimization

Our team of experts delivers truly remarkable organic results beyond your website and app into the widely adopted marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart and Facebook shops. We will deliver and execute organic strategies that will enhance your brand visibility and revenue while dominating the competition in your category.

  • Deliver rich information broadly. Your detailed product information can appear on Amazon, Google, eBay, Walmart and Facebook marketplaces.
  • Connect with customers where they are. Reach customers when they’re searching for your products.
  • Increase your visibility. Drive traffic to your digital storefronts for order fulfillment.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Resonating with your potential customers is one of the, if not the most important aspects of scaling your business in the digital space. Our customized, and carefully tailored, conversion rate optimization service maximizes site visitor interaction and conversions through extensive testing and analysis. We pull from our expansive CRO playbook to design a personalized CRO roadmap with your business in mind – creating a combination of strategies to offer comprehensive conversion optimization.

CRO Playbook
  • An exhaustive audit of current web design, user experience, and user behavior flows
  • Leverage analytics and massive data sets to pinpoint opportunities for improvement by identifying friction points and inefficiencies
  • Audit of current metrics being evaluated to determine if there are underlying micro metrics or behaviors that could be useful for future CRO campaigns
  • Development of a prioritized list of tests and analyses to be conducted based on the potential lift in various KPIs (leads, purchases, engagement, account creation, etc.)
CRO Toolbox
  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Split URL Testing
  • Heat Mapping
  • Session Recordings and Analysis
  • Form and Survey Optimization

Our Holistic Approach to SEO Strategy

At Direct Agents, we know what search engines are looking for and deliver it in aces. 

Our proven SEO strategies are developed and honed using industry-leading data techniques to generate impactful results for our partners by increasing their brand visibility, rankings, and overall brand performance. 

Direct Agents’ proven SEO strategy is based on data-backed insights to bring the best possible results. Our SEO clients can receive the following technical and content-based services.

Technical and Content Audit

An exhaustive check of the health of the website, including site speed, broken pages, and URL redirects, in addition to the quality and indexability of site content.

Competitor Analysis

Analyze competitor sites, content, and backlinks to find pathways to capitalize on content gaps, backlinks, and on-site technical opportunities.

Site-wide Keyword Mapping

Design a strategic plan for the integration of targeted keywords and long-tail keyword phrases through the site to attract desired traffic.

Content Production and Optimization Strategy

Crafted content, linking, schema, and image optimization to increase site traffic and improve keyword rankings in search results.

Internal Linking Layout

Develop an internal linking plan to improve site navigation, signal high-importance pages to search engines and associate pages with specific keywords.

Backlink Audit, Detox, and Curation

Identify the current backlink profile, remove toxic links pointing to the site, and reach out to claim positive link opportunities.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Analysis and Suggestions

Test and deliver optimized and engaging on-site user experiences.

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