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Enterprise SEO

Scaling Owned Media to achieve substantial ROI

“Direct Agents’ SEO team has been a critical partner in optimizing our site’s organic growth and which led to increased traffic and revenue. Their SEO team brings a highly knowledgeable strategic approach and always act on behalf of the company’s best interest. They don’t feel like an external agency, but really an extension of the team.”


Best in class SEO and Owned Media Strategy Agency

Enterprise SEO Strategy

Our SEO campaigns will deliver real traffic and revenue growth via web, app, and marketplace

Technical SEO

Technical experts will work with your development teams and platforms to improve indexation, user engagement, and brand visibility

Internationalization & Localization

Create engaging and targeted content that will connect with people in their own tone and language

Content Marketing

Amplify your brand voice and engage with new customers at significant scale

Conversion Rate Optimization

Engage users at every step of their buying journey to increase interaction and conversions

Marketplace SEO

Organically grow sales on Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, Walmart, eBay and more

Customized and Proprietary Enterprise SEO Technology

Technology and data reside in the foundation of every Enterprise SEO campaign that Direct Agents lead.

We combine:

  • Comprehensive rank tracking technology
  • Content Automation – SEO Powered Page Development in Bulk
  • Exhaustive competitor share of voice measurement
  • Data-driven SEO strategy to maximize revenue and growth from owned media

Enterprise SEO – Global Capabilities


Owned Media Strategy

Contextual Optimizations

UX/UI Design

Hierarchy & Behavior Flow

Technical SEO

Off-Site/Link Building

International SEO

App Store Optimization


Content Development/ Optimization

Organic Social

Blog/Article Strategy


Voice Search

Content Dissemination


Onsite Experiments & Testing

Behavior Flow Analysis

Shopping Cart Strategy

User Flow Testing

Landing Page Personalization



Google Shopping

Facebook Shops



Product Feed Management

Best in class SEO and Owned Media Strategy Agency

Product Feed Management
& Marketplace Optimization

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, Facebook

Our team of experts delivers truly remarkable organic results beyond your website and app into the widely adopted marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart and Facebook shops. We will deliver and execute organic strategies that will enhance your brand visibility and revenue while dominating the competition in your category.

  • Deliver rich information broadly. Your detailed product information can appear on Amazon, Google, eBay, Walmart and Facebook marketplaces.
  • Connect with customers where they are. Reach customers when they’re searching for your products.
  • Increase your visibility. Drive traffic to your digital storefronts for order fulfillment.

Conversion Rate
Optimization Strategy

Resonating with your potential customers is one of the, if not the most important aspects of scaling your business in the digital space. Our customized, and carefully tailored, conversion rate optimization service maximizes site visitor interaction and conversions through extensive testing and analysis. We pull from our expansive CRO playbook to design a personalized CRO roadmap with your business in mind – creating a combination of strategies to offer comprehensive conversion optimization.


  • An exhaustive audit of current web design, user experience, and user behavior flows
  • Leverage analytics and massive data sets to pinpoint opportunities for improvement by identifying friction points and inefficiencies
  • Audit of current metrics being evaluated to determine if there are underlying micro metrics or behaviors that could be useful for future CRO campaigns
  • Development of a prioritized list of tests and analyses to be conducted based on the potential lift in various KPIs (leads, purchases, engagement, account creation,etc.)


  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Split URL Testing
  • Heat Mapping
  • Session Recordings and Analysis
  • Form and Survey Optimization

Case Studies

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