Our commitment to being a more inclusive agency

Our mission is to fully embed the impact of diversity at all intersections of our company and amplify diverse voices and perspectives.


A note from Dinesh Boaz

Co-Founder & Creative Director

We are a minority and first-generation immigrant-founded business. After 20 years of building our business, I am proud to say that we are not simply introducing diversity as a modern corporate initiative; instead, DEI has been imbedded all areas of our business from day one.

Polycultural Agency

Our focus on maintaining a culture of diverse thoughts, voices, and perspectives spans across every aspect of our agency.

Our DA Board Framework is committed to embedding the impact of diversity at all intersections of our company

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Education & Engagement

Embedding diversity across various recruitment efforts and people programs

Doing business

Recruitment & Outreach

Spotlight small businesses and artistic mediums (such as stories, poems, music, paintings, books, etc.) from various communities

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Expand the shared responsibilities of inclusion and equity across DA through mentorship program resources and networking opportunities

Women of Direct Agents


A note from Megan Conahan


WODA is not just an internal network of women who will support you, but its also a personalized training program that help the women of our agency develop leadership skills that they need to advance in their careers.


WODA is advancing our DEI mission

Women of Direct Agents provides a space for women in our community to grow, learn, and excel in their personal and professional lives.

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Personal Development

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Public Speaking

Presentation & Speaking

Sprouts growing

Professional Growth


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