Future First Studio is proud to announce that we are winners of the OUTFRAME 2020 Out of Love Photo Contest. As of Wednesday, November 4th, our artwork has been featured in Times Square and just launched on digital billboards nationwide. Dinesh Boaz, our Co-Founder & Creative Director, photographed New York City from above while Dan Moran, our Senior Art Producer, designed and masterfully overlaid the graphic design elements.

The full artist statement reads: Selfless Love is an action – a choice to put someone or something before your own needs. Our work shows just that – individuals coming together and protesting, for what they believe in. Despite the circumstances and challenges of our time, people continue to put themselves at risk out of love and desire for a better tomorrow. New York City, like the rest of the world, has been hit hard this year. The image portrays one of hope- not just for this city but for humanity as a whole. We thrive in our togetherness and are hopeful for a future we can be proud of – one that we help mold.

The marbling swirls symbolize the fluidity of the time and place we are in today. We know as humans, challenges have always been a part of our existence – but the turns and curves that are unexpected in life – can also be overcome. The risks may differ, but the motivation is the same. We are motivated to make an impact and the people here are driven by ‘Selfless Love’.

The prize also includes donating a month of digital billboard media space to a charity of Future First Studio’s choice. The team has chosen Color of Change as the charity. Color of Change is an online racial justice organization dedicated to creating a more human America for Black people. Learn more about this incredible organization here. Future First Studio is honored to display the work nationwide and represent the ‘Selfless Love’ of our people.

Check out our creative reel here: https://vimeo.com/382626841

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