Commitment to self-care and wellness is an integral value of Direct Agents’ culture.

The People & Culture team is excited to continue this commitment by introducing “September Fridays”! The introduction of this initiative comes in addition to existing ‘Self-Care’ days and recently introduced ‘Wellness Reset’ days.

Similar to the well-known “Summer Fridays”, all Fridays in September 2021 will have a reduced schedule.

Some of the benefits of this initiative include promoting a healthy work-life balance, motivating our employees, and boosting overall company morale and productivity. “Making space for our collective mental health to reset is vital in maintaining a healthy company culture,” said Sara Martinez-Noriega, VP of Human Resources. “At DA, we’re committed to helping our team members dedicate time to their well-being, both physically and mentally.”

The Direct Agents team is looking forward to kicking off weekends a bit earlier this month and fitting in some much-needed time for self-care!