Meals for Frontline Families

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Company Culture, COVID-19 Resources | 0 comments

At Direct Agents, we know the importance of getting involved with our community. When COVID-19 reached NYC and we shifted to working remotely, we had to pause our active volunteering involvement. And while we adjusted to our new working conditions, we knew we wanted to remain connected with not only our employees but also our community.

In addition to staying home and practicing social distancing, we wanted to do something for the frontline workers who were the real heroes battling the coronavirus. We reached out to our employees and decided to start within our own DA family by sending meals to the amazing frontline workers close to us. We found local restaurants that were still open amidst the city shutdown and ordered food from different locations weekly.

The small action of providing a tasty lunch to show our appreciation, not only as a company but as a community, allowed us to continue to have an involvement with our city. We’ve served frontline workers from NY Presbyterian, Englewood Health, NYC Health Coney Island, and Rutgers University Hospital.    

If you’re interested in donating meals to frontline workers, please visit