Direct Agents Expands New York City Headquarters

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Company Culture, News | 0 comments

The Direct Agents team is excited to grow its office space on both coasts. Rather than transitioning to a fully remote model or downsizing like many companies have, we are expanding. We’ve doubled our square footage and now have space for 100+ team members. As a 4x Best Place to Work in New York, offering a space to collaborate in-person is an important step to maintaining the culture of Direct Agents. 

The team started viewing new office spaces for the New York team over a year ago and recently landed on a space in Flatiron, NYC. Sara Martinez-Noriega, VP of Human Resources, led the charge for the upgrade, touring over 50 spaces across the city. “Providing a space where we can do impactful work, learn, grow, and just have fun has always been key to Direct Agents’ culture,” says Sara, “so finding a location with lots of room for collaboration, great natural lighting, and walkability was a must.” After over a decade in offices in the East Village and Soho areas, Sara Martinez-Noriega found the perfect fit just north of Union Square and south of Madison Square Park in NYC.

Located on Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street, the new office named the Acceleration Hub, is the penthouse of a luxury office building and has 360-degree views, including views of the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, and Hudson Yards. 

The Direct Agents leadership team has been built by a collaborative environment but understands that the future is hybrid. Dinesh Boaz, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Direct Agents, notes that “our new Acceleration Hub allows us to come together as a team to drive innovation through in-person collaboration but also equipped for the future with our hybrid work model.” 

The agency plans to move into the new headquarters at 149 Fifth Avenue starting January 1st, 2022.  “Our expanded New York City headquarters comes at a key inflection point in our company growth story and provides an exciting new hub for our teams to create, innovate, and thrive together over the next decade,” notes Josh Boaz, Co-Founder & Managing Director.    

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