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Ramjet is dedicated to helping do-it-yourself Mac lovers get the most performance and life out of their Macs.


Founded in 1996, Ramjet set out to help dedicated, do-it-yourself Mac lovers like themselves get the best performance out of their machines by providing reliable Mac computer upgrade products that met or exceeded Apple’s standards of quality and service. Through paid search marketing, we set out on a mission to make ramjet.com a household name in Mac upgrade products across the U.S.A.


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Direct Agents began the process by breaking down the former account structure into a more focused, highly relevant ROI-driven model. With the newly defined structure broken down at the product level, it enabled us to match highly relevant ads exactly to the search query to maximize click through rates and conversion rates. We then were able to use a very granular keyword bidding model that allowed us to push impression shares and maximize ROAS by controlling bids based on revenue production per keyword. To complete the buying cycle for those that didn’t purchase on the first go around, we implemented dynamic remarketing strategies using and/or logic to target them, doing so with a focused ad that showcased the exact product they viewed on the site.


Becoming extremely granular over the course of the last year drove up the average monthly revenue by 169% YoY while also seeing a 33% lift in ROAS. Direct Agents continues to test and explore efficient methods to grow the account, including exclusive and easy access to the latest betas provided by Google as well as testing and implementing new distribution channels, allowing Ramjet to continue to expand at their unprecedented growth rate and stay ahead of the competition.

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