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In September of 2016, a Fortune 500 company looked to promote their brand new video streaming network. The task was to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy to introduce the brand and drive user acquisition. Specific goals were set for generating app installs at an efficient CPI for their mobile app. The brand needed to prove that consumer demand for this service would justify further investment.


Extensive audience research and analysis were conducted to define the ideal user segments for the video streaming network. A micro-burst testing strategy was implemented in order to determine response rates and high-value targets. The process would begin by leaning heavily on the content that the video streaming network was curating in order to generate demand for the service. We developed an intricate creative and messaging strategy focusing on 23 carefully selected pieces of original content.

This combined with an extensive micro-targeting strategy involving 1,040 unique audience segments and 260 different behavioral traits, allowed us to determine which audiences responded best to various content themes. Custom messaging tactics involving the creation of 2,759 unique creative iterations allowed for highly personalized ads, which significantly boosted response rates. Through ongoing testing and optimization, we were able to achieve acquisition efficiency levels that greatly exceeded expectations.

Our intricate creative & messaging strategy included:



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