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Due to Direct Agents’ relationship with top-tier email list partners, LendingTree began receiving over 32,000 leads a month for their refinance service. As a result of the violin and quality of the leads, and Direct Agents’ creative design, LendingTree named Direct Agents AOR for online external email programs.


LendingTree is the nation’s number one online lending exchange offering a free, no-obligation service that empowers users to take control of their financial life. Offering interactive tools, personalized advice and comprehensive resources, LendingTree provides all the tools necessary to successfully manage finances.

Looking to drive sign-ups for their refinance service, LendingTree turned to Direct Agents to help them increase leads and drive new customers using digital marketing.


Email marketing was a cost effective way to reach out to LendingTree’s audience of homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages. Email marketing was selected since it allows for targeting and high volume distribution.

In addition, email marketing provided immediate analytics and results and therefore was the perfect medium for Direct Agents to utilize when testing and optimizing LendingTree’s creatives for optimal performance.



  • Setup: After reviewing LendingTree’s goals, Direct Agents selected top tier email list partners for them that would best target their audience.
  • Strategy & Creative Test: In order to ensure optimal performance of the campaign, Direct Agents also implemented a comprehensive strategy and test plan which included having the Direct Agents’ strategy and creative team design new custom landing page creatives for LendingTree that would be tested against LendingTree’s existing creative.
  • Launch: Direct Agents performed A/B creative testing, to determine which creative performed the best and helped increase conversion rates.
  • Optimization: The Direct Agents’ designed LendingTree creative outperformed the original creative. As a result, Direct Agents continued to optimize the campaign and continued to test new top-tier email partners thereby increasing the quality and volume of leads.


Throughout the entire email and creative process, Direct Agents’ maintained brand quality and campaign compliance for LendingTree.


Due to Direct Agents’ relationships with top-tier email list partners, LendingTree saw an immediate increase in the number of leads they received for their refinance service. Within three months of starting the campaign, Lending Tree was receiving over 32,000 leads a month. As a result of the volume of leads, the quality of the leads and the creative design that Direct Agents was able to produce, LendingTree named Direct Agents AOR for online external email programs.

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