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Leading Transportation Service

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Available throughout all parts of the United States and in selected Canadian provinces, this transportation service prides in providing the most comfortable, convenient and affordable rides to its customers.


In 2015, this leading transportation service provider that served more than 30 million customers through more than 100 cities in North America since its launching in 2006 approached Direct Agents to take a more integrated strategy to their digital channels and optimize their current programs.


Boost Conversion Across Channels

Increase ROAS

Boost Non Brand Performance


Direct Agents started by assigning a team and team lead to the account. The team is composed of search and programmatic analysts that manage campaign spend, messaging, and performance. Campaign strategy is applied across the board, ensuring a consistent brand experience and audience targeting methodology. All tracking points (media impressions, clicks, conversions, site visits, pages viewed, creative performance, line item performance, keyword performance, etc.) were tagged in order to aggregate campaign metrics within a single platform. This provided for a more holistic view of consumer behavior, and the analytics were used to accurately track path-to-conversion and media overlap. By monitoring each user’s exposure to multiple sources of media, Direct Agents was able to identify efficiencies that would, otherwise, have not been apparent. Coordination and resource allocation within the team is ongoing, and campaign data flows seamlessly. Optimizations and key learnings are applied simultaneously, increasing overall campaign effectiveness.


Within months, Direct Agents saw a 184% increase in revenue, 164% increase in ROAS, and a 21% increase in search volume across the paid search and display efforts. Direct Agents was able to see multiple customer touch points and identify campaigns that were leading to highly profitable ROAS.

Increase your digital campaign results.

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