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Direct Agents

Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • The goal was to improve visibility and increase rankings and revenue on Search Engines.
  • Direct Agents implemented extensive keyword research around each product focusing on unique attributes.
  • Overall keyword visibility increased 3950%.
  • Sessions climbed 288% from February to June.

The Problems

A line of natural food for dogs and cats, sells their product on Amazon and utilizes their website as a resources for users to research the brand. Unfortunately, their brand was virtually invisible on the search engines, with absolutely no visibility on page 1 for non-brand terms. The lack of organic presence hindered most chances of increasing their customer pool and gaining additional revenue. Direct Agents began managing the account in late January 2018 to help regain the lost visibility, rankings and revenue.

The Solution

Direct Agents began creating fresh content at a regular cadence which targeted terms with both a high search volume and relevance to the brand. Targeting informational queries helped reach top of funnel consumers that were still in the research phase while product based content urged users to convert. Additionally, Direct Agents began building out their organic social presence, posting and tweeting daily, to build their customer base.

The Results

Within months, there was a prominent increase across major KPIs. Overall keyword visibility increased 3950% with over 100 non-brand keywords appearing on Page 1 since February. AvoDerm also began ranking for 9 quick answers in the month of May, increasing brand recognition exponentially. Due to this increase in keyword presence, overall site sessions climbed 288% from February to June.

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