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Polycultural Strategy

polyculturalism noun

poly·​cul·tur·al·ism | \ ¦pälē-ˈkəlch-rə-ˌli-zəm \

Intercultural engagements within a geographical area which emphasises similarities between, and the enduring interconnectedness of, groups which self-identify as distinct, thus blurring the boundaries which may be perceived by members of those groups.

Inclusive Strategy Driven by Diversity, Passion & Innovation

Intercultural exchange and inclusivity have been in the DNA of our agency since its inception. With 17 years of lived and professional experience, we build marketing strategies that speak to an audience rich in diversity.

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Multicultural Strategy

The transition to a polycultural market approach does not happen overnight. We work with your team to craft the brand voice, creative, and audience builds tailored to the diverse communities that make up the total market.

Polycultural Matrix

Direct Agents’ proprietary technology allows us to work with your brand to determine how well your brand is currently engaging with the total market and how that compares with top competitors and your industry.

Audience Research

The concept of polycultural marketing is rooted in the reality that the cultures and the people within them change based on real interactions. We work with your brand to understand these nuances and how to navigate them.

Polycultural Strategy

Based on the findings of the index, our team will work to build a cohesive solution to activate a polycultural marketplace. Inclusive of persona mapping, creative analysis, and brand voice roadmaps.

Authenticity Measurement

We work with brands to ensure that their brand voice, creative library, internal, and external communications are authentic.

Embedded Consulting

Embedded consultants in your marketing team that will offer ongoing advice on the implementation of this activation strategy.

Polycultural Matrix

The process starts with our unique approach to measurement and benchmarking against the total market. The polycultural matrix allows brands to examine how they index across four areas. We index how inclusive brands are in terms of audience and creative library composition, then assess how they work towards supplier diversity and philanthropic action.

The plot shows your company’s composite score for Polycultural Audience Composition in comparison to the three groups: Benchmark Average (Top Competitors), Industry Mean, and Entire US Market.


This shows the relative position of your company’s composite score for Audience Composition.


This shows the relative position of your company ranking relative to the following benchmark groups: Top Competitor Benchmark, Industry, US Market General


This composite score is calculated after the ingestion of Direct Agents AI tools, the client’s own data set, as well as questionnaire responses.

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