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Paid Media

Running a world-class paid media strategy requires looking beyond campaign KPIs.

It’s more than just buying ad impressions and aiming for short-term gains. We believe in impactful media that relies on data and continues to deliver over time. Our teams immerse themselves into each brand’s underlying business goals to craft a strategy that promotes sustainable growth, while delivering immediate results.

Paid Search

We believe data is power and we use our client’s data to not only encourage short-term growth, but long-term scalability via automation and machine learning.

Audience/demographic segmentation and automated bidding strategies are always evolving, and while many optimize campaigns based on performance peaks and dips, we aim to proactively make data-driven changes before the performance actually occurs.

Paid Social

Paid Social is critical to staying top of mind with your target audience on the platforms they engage with most.

Our analysts design cross-platform campaigns built to meet your brand’s diverse business goals – from driving product awareness to acquiring customers at scale.


We tap into the most advanced targeting and ad delivery tools available for display media.


Our team excels at identifying the role that programmatic plays for each campaign and applying capabilities to maximize KPI efficiency.

Connected TV

Direct Agents’ leading OTT marketing service has helped launch and grow AVOD, SVOD, and TVE services for some of the world’s largest entertainment brands.

We ensure that our clients are adapting to the industry’s changing dynamics and continue to engage audiences at their preferred media outlets.


Mobile is changing the way people engage with businesses.

We help brands reach their customers on the devices they use most by identifying mobile audiences, delivering mobile-optimized content, and leveraging a strategic mix of social platforms, websites, and apps.


We develop strategic influencer campaigns that lean on data and machine learning to inform engagement decisions.

Whether it’s a partnership with a digital celebrity, a group of brand ambassadors, or in-person influencer events, we identify the path with the greatest impact on KPIs.


Our refined approach to affiliate program strategy goes beyond industry standards to minimize costs while maximizing value.

Affiliate marketing is essential for successful e-commerce companies. Whether it’s a driver of growth or an established element of the sales pipeline, we help our clients find cost efficiencies and opportunities for scale. We consistently negotiate and recommend unique placements and partnerships with various types of affiliate partners (coupons, loyalty, email, influencer, advertorial, large publishers, etc.). Our affiliate marketing services include custom program strategy, partner recruitment, compliance monitoring, and value analytics & optimization.

Prospect Email

Email consistently delivers among the highest ROI of all media channels.

Utilizing AI for data segmentation we provide the ability for our clients to reach millions of highly targeted users, in an environment with 100% SOV. Our team manages end-to-end prospect email programs for some of the worlds largest brands, with goals that span the entire marketing funnel. This channel is easily scalable and provides great performance metrics for click focused attribution.

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