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Industry-Leading Amazon Growth Agency

Enterprise solutions to maximize your brand, presence and sales on Amazon

The majority of product searches today begin on Amazon. We help Amazon sellers and vendors to maximize sales velocity and profitability across their product line.

We view Amazon as its own ecosystem, with unique customer experiences, competitors that often do not exist anywhere else, and distinctively nuanced rules for success. Our team optimizes the tactics needed to compete, and identifies the role that Amazon plays in the larger brand & digital sales strategy.

We maximize share of Amazon shelf space through organic & paid search, optimize product page design & content, and craft off-platform advertising strategy to boost rankings and product searches. Our live analytics dashboards combine product sales and media performance data, which allows for straightforward and quick decision making.

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Why Direct Agents?

Comprehensive Amazon Growth Management with industry-first proprietary technology

We bring Amazon Vendor Sales and Complete Amazon Ads & DSP data together for a complete view, and without any historical limits, paired with AI-powered portfolio bid management to optimize tens of thousands of ASIN’s toward a target ROI/ACoS or Revenue.


Amazon Strategy

We focus not only on Amazon Advertising sales but also in growing total actual Amazon Sales.

With a holistic approach to generating on-platform demand, we build campaigns that encompass Amazon and all other digital media to drive on-platform sales. Whether it’s defending a brand, conquesting competing products, reaching new audiences, or optimizing a deals program, our Amazon Media team provides custom-tailored solutions for each of our clients.

Overall Amazon Strategy

Product and Product Launch Strategy

Promotional Strategy

1P and 3P Strategy

Budgeting & Forecasting

Beta Access and Testing


Amazon SEO

We grow your organic presence and rankings by developing a solid Amazon SEO foundation starting with product detail pages, exhaustive keyword research, and content development and optimization.

Keyword/ASIN research

Product Listing Optimization

Content Writing and Development

A+/Enhanced Content Optimization

Amazon Storefront Optimization

Competitive Analysis

Keyword/ASIN Rank Tracking

New Product Opportunities

Amazon Advertising

We employ AI-powered portfolio bid management to optimize tens of thousands of ASIN’s toward a target ROI/ACoS or Revenue.

With performance in our DNA and curiosity as our passion, we’re here to take your Amazon sales to the next level while ensuring we maximize profitability targets.





Portfolio Campaigns

ASIN targeting

Amazon Promotions


ASIN retargeting


AI Bid Automation – Target ROI/Revenue/Spend

Day Parting

Portfolio Optimization


Measurement + Reporting

Our industry first proprietary technology

brings Amazon Sales data and Amazon Ads data, including Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Product Display Ads, and Amazon DSP, all together for a complete view.

Vendor Central Sales Data combined with AMS reporting

Reporting on daily level from both AMS and Vendor Central Sales

No limits on historical data
Centralized Reporting For All Ad Types Including





Segment by Halo versus Advertised ASIN sales

Segment by product category or ASIN

Amazon Attribution Strategy and Implementation
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