• Sep 29, 16
  • Direct Agents

Ensuring that the appropriate channels and campaigns receive credit for conversions is essential to all digital marketers. The ability to know which marketing methods perform well help us better plan for our brand’s future. Attribution allows marketers to identify a set of user actions, such as consumer touch points, that contribute to the result of a conversion or purchase, then assigning a value to each. As consumers touch on various points in their conversion journey, attribution modeling has become a heated topic in digital marketing today. 

Our Senior Strategist - Team Lead, Joseph Sauro, explains the various strategies that marketers should understand and implement in their Google Analytics campaign to maximize the outcomes of their digital plan.


In this video, you will hear about:
●    The importance of each channel’s contribution in driving sales  
●    Last click attribution - why isn’t this an effective method? 
●    The benefits of a custom attribution model

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