We’ve all heard the rumors about this Fall Prime Day/Prime Fall Deal Event/Prime Day 2.0, but it’s now official: Prime Early Access Sale will now be on October 11-12th(!) and will offer yet another 48 hours of deals exclusively for Prime Members. 

With inflation at an all-time high and the U.S. nearing the brink of a potential recession, shopping trends have shifted dramatically over the course of 2022. Consumers are looking for more ways to save, especially heading into the holidays. This will give brands the opportunity to grow incremental sales in a big way with the right discount strategy. 

To take full advantage of Prime Day 2.0, the key to capitalizing will be strategic preparation. Below is our strategic step-by-step checklist for pre, during, and post Prime Day 2.0 to ensure your brand is taking full advantage of all that this crucial day has to offer.


Steps to Prep: Pre-Prime Day

Ensure that your inventory is stable

    • FBA shipments should arrive before October 1st
    • FBM inventory should be available as a backup to never appear out of stock

Analyze seasonal trends to pick your key product mix

    • Look at search volume trends for 2021 to see which of your sub-categories has the most potential during this time period
    • Consider the shift in weather and increase in gifting purchases

Optimize product pages for the holidays

    • With an influx of traffic coming in, ensure that you maintain a similar conversion rate to grow incremental sales
    • Include any key gifting or seasonal terms with high search volume

Grow strong ratings & reviews

    • Request a review from past purchasers within Seller Central to increase review & ratings 

Set up your Amazon Advertising account for success

    • Set up your new campaigns early to ensure they are approved before the launch
    • Add a backup payment method to avoid any issues on Prime Day


Steps to Prep: Prime Day

Scale Amazon Advertising budgets 

    • Although it can be tedious, plan on manually increasing budgets throughout Prime Day to ensure consistent ad visibility
      • Amazon stated that on Prime Day 2022, US shopping peaked on day 2 between 8:00-9:00pm PT

Tap into your current AMZ customer base to drive repeat purchases 

    • Use the customer engagement tool to notify customers of your deals

Drive outside traffic to Amazon

    • Utilize social media to drive brand-interested customers directly to your discounted product pages

Analyze your competitor’s PDPs & Tactics

    • Are you offering a lower price on a similar product? Target that competitor ASIN


Steps to Prep: Post-Prime Day 

Utilize your new-to-brand customers

    • Use the request a review and customer engagement tools to increase reviews and traffic 

Analyze and materialize learnings for the quickly approaching BFCM

    • Identify which products, discount amounts, and types of discounts had the strongest performance


The key to capitalizing on Fall Prime Day is implementing this step-by-step strategic plan that will allow shoppers to find your brand on Amazon and buy. With diligent preparation and strategic planning, you too will see incremental sales growth from the Prime Early Access Sale on October 11-12th. Then, time to start prepping for Black Friday/Cyber Monday—it’s just around the corner! 

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Bridget Menne, eCommerce Client Success Manager, Direct Agents