Amazon Brands Can Now Email Customers via the Customer Engagement Tool

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With Amazon being one of the most saturated marketplaces, brands need to set themselves apart from competitors and consistently engage with their consumer base. One of the easiest ways to do so is to opt-in and test every Beta program Amazon has to offer (and there are many!) The Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) feature is an intuitive tool that brands can utilize to keep the conversations going with their brand-loyal followers.

What is the Amazon Customer Engagement Tool?

Customer Engagement is a relatively new Amazon tool that allows sellers to run email marketing campaigns to their Amazon brand store followers. It’s a great way for a brand to increase the visibility of its products, cross-sell to customers that are more inclined to buy, and continuously engage and build relationships with customers highly interested in the brand. The capabilities of the tool are still limited in the email layout, subject line copy, and use case, but Amazon reports additional features and capabilities in the tool will continue to roll out in the future. Currently, Amazon allows brands to use language announcing:
  • New Product Launches
  • Product Spotlights
  • 7 Day Deals
  • Storefront Gift Guides
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Who does the Customer Engagement Tool target?

The MYCE tool allows brands to target various audience types within their Brand Store Followers including:
  • Repeat Customers: Customers who have ordered your brand’s products more than once in the last 12 months
  • High Spend Customers: The highest spending 25% of your brand’s customers in the last 12 months
  • Recent Customers: The most recent 20% of customers who have purchased from your brand
Note that as of 9/2022 some brands may need to run MYCE campaigns up to 10 times before receiving Audience access.  

Is my brand eligible for the Customer Engagement Tool?

  • All Amazon Vendors and Brand-Registered Sellers should have access to the Customer Engagement Tool.
    • Vendor brands can find the tool by navigating through Vendor Central > Merchandising > Customer Engagement
    • Seller brands can find the tool by navigating through Seller Central > Brands > Customer Engagement
  • The tool is technically still in beta, so if brands for some reason cannot access the MYCE tool, they can reach out to their Amazon rep or submit a support case to get access. 

Direct Agents MYCE Recommendations:

To make the most of your MYCE email marketing campaign, Direct Agents recommends the following:
  • Accumulate Brand Store Followers: Beforehand, run Sponsored Brands, Amazon Posts, and off-Amazon traffic to grow your following 
  • Pair with Exciting Brand News: Create buzz by running in tandem with fun brand news, such as 7 Day Deals or New product launches
  • Cross-sell Complementary Products to Top Sellers: Add supporting products to your campaign, such as your original top seller, to create a connection in the mind of the user or other products that they might be interested in
  • Utilize Lifestyle Imagery: Allow customers to envision themselves using the product through lifestyle assets in the secondary image placements
  • Consider Email Frequency: Plan campaigns carefully, to avoid any negative effects from emailing followers too often
  Direct Agents’ team of eCommerce experts can help your brand strategize a custom Amazon strategy to increase market share and sales. Reach out to today to get started.  Allison Eng, eCommerce Strategist, Direct Agents