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Dinesh Boaz
Co-Founder/Creative Director





Dinesh Boaz co-founded Direct Agents with the goal of providing clients an impactful, high-level of expertise in digital marketing strategies and solutions. Now in its 14th year of business, under the leadership of both Dinesh and his brother Josh, Direct Agents has evolved into a strategic partner for clients; working alongside brands and serving as a visionary to navigate a very complex and fast-moving space. Through his leadership and innovation, the company has won several industry awards and expanded its footprint by opening a west coast office in 2016.

As Creative Director and Co-Founder, Dinesh oversees the Digital Content Lab, a content hub to help brands inspire through creative storytelling. He also manages several other divisions, such as search and marketing within the agency.

Recognized for his digital expertise, Dinesh has spoken at several industry conferences, been published in top journals, and was a part of a the Clinton Foundation and UBS entrepreneur mentorship program.

In addition to his accomplishments for Direct Agents, Dinesh is an avid aerial photographer, squash player and lives in New York City.







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