• Aug 10, 16
  • Direct Agents

With the release of the new Instagram Stories feature, users can now publish photos and videos for a twenty-four hour time frame. Almost identical to Snapchat, Instagram Stories is intended for users to be able to post more frequent and relaxed posts without having these posts live on their main Instagram feed. 

But what does Instagram Stories have that Snapchat doesn’t? 

Brand followings. 

Consumers tend to be more exclusive when it comes to their friend list on Snapchat. Most use this platform as a way to interact with friends in a frequent and fun manner. However, this is not the case on Instagram. Brands have used Instagram as a home platform for a few years now. Many brands have already built large followings on Instagram, some with massive followings include Nike at 50+ million followers, Starbucks at 10+ million followers, and H&M at 15+ million followers. 

What marketers can gain from posting stories on Instagram: 

  • Create a sense of familiarity and authenticity with targeted audiences
  • Implement multi-variate testing with products/strategies that resonate with their followers
  • Gain an inside look of the brand’s followers by following them back and viewing their snap stories

At the end of June, Instagram announced that they had surpassed 500 million users. With the app as a subsidiary of Facebook, advertisers have the option of creating and/or linking ad campaigns on both platforms. Instagram stories may be a good way to test out what your consumers are interested in seeing. With the format of Instagram Stories being almost identical to Snapchat’s, all brands, large or small, should be creating a presence with this new feature and start engaging with their current and potential consumers. 

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