• Oct 02, 15
  • Direct Agents

On September 28th, Google disclosed two new long-awaited products, Customer Match Targeting and Universal App Campaigns during Advertising Week 2015 in NYC.

What is Customer Match?

Customer Match is designed to reach your most valuable customers on Google Search, YouTube and Gmail at the perfect moment of intent. With this newly added offering, advertisers can now simply upload a list of email addresses to target a custom audience, which enables advertisers to build and design ad campaigns based on qualitytiming and relevance to the user’s intent & context.

On YouTube & Gmail, Customer Match also expands audience reach by allowing advertisers to build “Similar Audiences” as a method of targeting people who are likely to be interested in their clients’ products or services.

What are Universal App Campaigns?

You have an app and are trying to build your user base. You need to find the most practical yet the least time consuming way to reach customers who are most likely to install your app. A new AdWords campaign type, Google’s Universal App Campaigns allow you to connect with app users across various channels, such as Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN). What’s the catch? Just set it up, and let Google take it away!

How do you use Universal App Campaigns?

  1. Set a desired CPA and budget for Google
  2. Universal App Campaigns will scale your reach, and maximize Android pp installs across all of Google’s ad platforms
  3. The campaign set-up will automatically pull app images, videos and description from your Play store listing to create ad formats that are most appropriate and fitting for placement

You have an all-in-one campaign, but what’s the downfall here? Your access to normal tabs on AdWords has been limited.

Instead, these are the only settings available for Universal App Campaigns:

  • 4 ad text ideas
  • YouTube Video
  • Location
  • Language
  • Budget
  • Target CPA

Direct Agents is currently offering these new features for all clients.  Please reach out to your DA contact for any inquiries.